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About the Artist

Recently I have been spending time with a group of people who support and maintain the Ernest Becker Foundation. The Foundation was created by Neil Elgee, MD. in 1993. The mission of EBF broadly stated is to encourage dialogue on suffering, evil, and the human condition, drawing on Ernest Becker’s works of psychological anthropology including Denial of Death and Escape from Evil.

Contact with this Beckerian community through their educational programs has influenced me to try and describe some of the inquiries and experiences from certain sessions through a portion of my artwork. The appearance of death, the fear of it haunts us like nothing else. Striving to transcend our mortality fears and be a part of something eternal we create immortality projects and hero systems to camouflage what we can’t face and in the process learn to live with evil, dissonance, and contradiction.

The EBF fosters an examination of how we can discover new possibilities of choice and action and new forms of courage and endurance as a way to optimal living.

A popular example of another artist who dramatically throws the truth of the Life Cycle full in his audience’s face is Damien Hirst. Hirst is drawn to the painful subject of death and intuitively he knows we will follow him because we both fear and are fascinated by the complex symbol of Death.

-Marie H. Becker