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Currently I live in the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, BC. My origins are Long Island, New York, moving upstate to Syracuse to begin my peregrinations. Since then I have lived in Berkeley and San Francisco, Rome, the Loire Valley, Toronto, and Hungary, drawing and painting along the way. The need for roots is a theme I explore in my BC paintings with their scenes depicting the way of life here.

In my art Nature is allowed to play. I feature what we call the nonhuman animals and a few of the higher ones on horseback or inner tubes. Grosbeaks or parrots might stud the sky with their colours, sheep will sometimes fly and cows will graze in flowered Hungarian meadows, no matter what is looming in distant skies, lands or seas.

Environmental concerns and a belief that everything alive shares a unifying commonality, are themes in my work. Lately I have been painting both small and larger works on wood board, using oil, acrylic or mixed media.

Diverse influences inform my art. From my love of the frescoes of Giotto and early Renaissance art, to folk art, colour field paintings, embroidery, and textiles. These might all find their way into my imagination and paintings. This rich historic archive leaves me free to pull together polar images that yield modern and occasionally wry messages.

15% of all proceeds from artwork will be donated towards Bird & Wildlife Conservation.

-Marie H. Becker