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This has been an unsettling year.  Physical and social distancing is hard on social animals.  The year at times turned comforting connectedness and interdependence of family and friends and strangers into fearful social experiences.   Issues of impermanence and mortality rise up.   Protective forms of Denial arise.  My mindbody wanted to fly away from here as I found myself doing amidst the Covid dreams I was having.  In the waking day, I found myself recalling impactful images from past experiences.  One of the most forceful sights I recalled was of seeing the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum covered by the lava of Vesuvius.  Although not a Pandemic, the horrendous impact from a blow of Nature was momentous.  Here was a place where one saw the almost chthonian images of everyday lives turned to ash.  The newly excavated rooms, once intimate living spaces were now an openair museum.   Artists had once decorated  these walls in a style to please the fancy of its inhabitants.  For me it was a life size issue of Home and Gardens for the year, featuring popular colors of 79AD.   Here, almost two thousand years later this ancient form of Frescoe art made by working ground pigments into wet plaster endured.

For the next several months I followed the urge to find ways to use Venetian plaster to make contemporary frescoe images for my own age, using the freedom of expression gifted to artists in the 21st century.  Most of the smaller images on this page are created with a variety of materials worked onto Venetian plaster.

Flight is the connecting theme.  The smaller works are mostly 6 inches square on wood cradles with a few ranging to 8 X 24 inches.  Larger works are paint on canvas.

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